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Our History

As BJU enters its 90th academic year, take a look back at the University’s milestones and significant achievements.


Center for Global Opportunities Opens

August 2016

The Center for Global Opportunities exists to promote a vision for and participation in 21st century Gospel expansion.

Bob Jones University is all about the Gospel.
The CGO is all about helping students connect the Gospel to every person on the planet –  whether a person at a Greenville coffee shop or people in faraway China. It’s about working together for what’s most important – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


SACSCOC Grants BJU Accreditation Candidacy Status

June 2016

Concurrent with accreditation efforts, BJU made a number of enhancements to the quality of its total educational experience such as adding 10 academic programs which rounded out the health- and sports management-related offerings, restructuring chapel and the discipleship program to further enhance student spiritual growth, instituting a new strategic plan to identify and prioritize initiatives to achieve the mission and vision, and constructing a Center for Global Opportunities to help foster a campus-wide focus on ministry and missions and facilitate local, national and international student and faculty outreach.


New Student Hub and Executive Offices Open

September 2015

In order to centralize student activities and to create greater availability of the administration, the Student Hub and Executive Offices were moved to the Student Center.

In November 2015, the former Administration Building officially closed.


BJU Hosts First Annual Homecoming & Family Weekend

October 2015

Alumni and friends are invited back to BJU for an exciting weekend of events and reunions.


Steve Pettit Becomes 5th President

May 2014

Steve Pettit becomes 5th president of Bob Jones University. After a 9-year tenure as president, Stephen Jones resigns because of health reasons.


Campus Sunday Morning Services Discontinue

September 2013

In order to promote student involvement in a local church body, Sunday morning services on BJU campus are discontinued.


Dixon-McKenzie Dining Common Renovations

August 2013

The Dixon-McKenzie Dining Common completes a $6 million renovation of the main campus dining facility. The main dining room is also renamed the Kalmbach Room in honor of the late Milton and Ruth Kalmbach of Ohio.

In 2012, BJU contracted with Aramark to introduce longer operating hours and provide a wider variety of meal options.


BJU Bruins Inaugural Year

September 2012

BJU Bruins intercollegiate sports begin.


Cancer Research Lab

September 2011

Financed through the Science & Engineering Endowment Fund, BJU opens a state-of-the-art Cancer Research Lab. 


Missions Advance

September 2010

Mission Prayer Band becomes Missions Advance.

Missions Advance exists to cultivate in the student body a passion for God’s glory resulting in greater participation in world missions through learning, praying, and mobilizing. 


Campus Renovations

September 2008

The front campus Main Entrance and Rodeheaver Auditorium both receive a remodel during 2008.


BJU Begins Receiving Title IV Federal Student Financial Aid and VA Benefits for Students

August 2007

Parking Garage Opens

August 2007

In 2007, the BJU campus parking garage is completed.


BJU Receives Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) Accreditation

August 2005

BJU and the Museum & Gallery partner for the first Living Gallery

April 1998

In 1998, with the assistance of Bob Jones University faculty and staff, the Museum & Gallery launched the first Living Gallery—a unique production that presents the Gospel through music, drama and live works of art.


Founder's Memorial Amphitorium Opened

January 1970

In 1971, Dr. Bob Jones III assumed the responsibilities of president.

Several buildings were added to the campus in the 1970s, including the 7,000-seat Founder’s Memorial Amphitorium, dedicated to the memory of Dr. Bob Jones Sr., and opened in 1973 to accommodate the growing student body.


Campus Moves to Greenville, SC

October 1947

On October 1, 1947, the University welcomed over 2,500 students to the new campus. The University continued to add to the original 18 buildings as time and money allowed. 

That same year, the Board of Trustees elected Dr. Bob Jones Jr. president of the University. Just like his father, Dr. Bob Jones Jr. upheld the University’s foundation on the Scriptures while emphasizing the fine arts.


Campus Moves to Cleveland, TN

March 1933

In the spring of 1933, Bob Jones College purchased and moved to its new campus in Cleveland, Tenn. Both the intramural sports program and Artist Series began in this new location. 


Bob Jones College Opens--Bay County, Fla

September 1927

In addition to taking classes for the degrees of Bible, music and speech, students were also involved in other activities, such as literary societies, sports, weekly Vespers and the Classic Players. The college survived the initial years of the Great Depression while maintaining high spiritual and academic standards.