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The BJU Alumni Association provides you a variety ways to stay connected with the University as well as with alumni and friends. Use these tools to keep in touch with old friends and make some new Bruin Nation connections. Tap into this BJU value that lasts beyond the diploma!

A benefit of membership in the Association is access to membership directory information. If you are looking for old classmates or other alumni, our office can assist you in trying to locate them. Email us at with as much information as you have and we will research to help you find them.*

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Our phone number is: (864) 370-1800 ext. 3152

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Alumni Directory

Our previous version of is currently offline as we bring you a new and improved directory. We will introduce the new directory when it is available.

Social Media

Many alumni already use social media networks to connect with classmates and other alumni. Our goal is to make these tools more accessible for you to find the people you wish.


There are two ways to connect alumni through LinkedIn. One is provided automatically by the service. The other is the official BJU Alumni Association group that you can choose to join.


We started our Instagram account to be your eyes on campus. You’ve heard about something, but you’re not sure what it looks like. You’d like to see an event in progress. Let us know what you want to see and we’ll try to post it for you.

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There are two official BJU Alumni Association connection points on Facebook. Access our official page for Association updates and news. The general alumni group is more interactive and allows you to share personal updates and prayer requests.

The following list features Facebook groups for each class. 

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Classes of 1950 - 1959

Bob Jones College (1927 - 1949)



* Due to privacy requests, the Association may not be able to release information for all members or graduates.