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Declaring the Glory of God with Astronomy

Danny R. Faulkner's Story

“I have a calling to do this. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated with astronomy. I remember when I was four looking at the stars and being fascinated with them. During my sophomore year of high-school I discovered a person could make a living as an astronomer, learned that I had the ability, and realized this is God’s calling. I view this as a ministry.”

Dr. Danny Faulkner is an astronomer at Answer in Genesis. “I have four primary responsibilities. I write the planetary shows, oversee the observatory as an outreach to others, write articles for AIG’s website and magazines (along with several book projects of mine), and speak locally at the museum, on the road, and even internationally. Oh, and whatever Ken Ham asks me to do.”

After teaching astronomy and physics for twenty-six years at Lancaster University of South Carolina, Dr. Faulkner originally looked at his move to AIG as a second career. Now, after four years, he believes that every other opportunity before AIG was in preparation for this job, this ministry, now.

Looking Back

Dr. Faulkner never wavered in his desire to become an astronomer. He did have a key mentor that helped shape his journey. This mentor was Dr. George Mulfinger at Bob Jones University. “I dedicated my second book to him. In undergrad I took a few classes with him, but I chatted with him in his office a lot. We even went off campus to Paris Mountain and would watch the skies together.” Dr. Faulkner went on to explain how his time at BJU prepared him well for his work today. “The primary major of an astronomer is a physics. Bob Jones didn’t have that major at the time I was there, so I majored in math with a physics minor. The science faculty I interacted with tried to recruit students into the science-creationist field. My professor, Emmett Williams, who was my physics teacher, required two textbooks—a physics textbook and a creation book. Looking back now, that is an excellent idea. Professor Williams wrote his tests covering content in both the physics textbook and the creation book. It was half-and-half. This study fueled my passion for creation science.”

Looking Forward

Dr. Faulkner is excited for the future and what lies ahead for AIG, creation science, and himself. He describes his sense of hope and optimism for his field— “I am looking for younger people to come down the pike and take my place. It is encouraging seeing a younger generation of astronomers.” He continued to explain future projects and goals he has for himself. “I am finishing up a book, a companion book to the one I published last summer—Creative Cosmos: What the Bible reveals about astronomy. I am working on editing now. I’ve recently realized the need for a book on just creation and astronomy. I actually have a lot of book projects ahead of me. Even ideas developing on a book about ET’s and UFO’s!”


The time with Dr. Faulkner was coming to a close. A snapshot of his life and work had been offered. But the poignant question—“What is a piece of advice that you would give?”—was extended. He stopped and paused for a long while. His answer was chosen with care and reflection. He said, “Keep focused on what God has called you to do. You need to find out what that is exactly and live that out. You do this by the commitment to His Word and submitting to His authority wholly and completely.”

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